How to apply for a driving license online in India?

Are you someone who has just turned 18 and looking forward to getting your driving license? Do you want that you will be the eligible candidate to drive your car and bike seamlessly? If your answer is yes, then applying for a driving license is an integral part.

As we all know, in the initial days is there will be the learning license issued to the candidate so that they will be able to practice more, and within six months, they can get the full license. But the major problem arises when they need to stand in a long queue to get it.

How to apply for driving licence in india

By keeping the same in mind, the Government of India comes up with an online portal through which a user can apply easily. There will be no need for candidates to stand in long queues and feel irritated or approach any third person to get their driving license.

Type of driving license

When you are applying for a driving license, be sure about the type of driving license as well. A driving license depends on the vehicle a person owns. The RTO is the jurisdiction that will issue the specific license. The major license types available are as follows:-

Driving license for non-gear motorcycle

This is the license that has been issued to applicants having the mobiles and scooters available in case they own any of the vehicles which do not have any gear. The driving license issued will be of this type.

Driving license for light motor vehicle

Driving license for those vehicles having gears like motorcycles or any motor cars the specific type of license will be issued.

Driving license for transport vehicle

License for transport vehicle indicates about the motor vehicles including trailers trucks and lorries. Individuals who are engaged in such activities need to apply for this one.

Eligibility criteria to apply for a driving license

Candidate needs to be sure about the eligibility criteria when they wish to apply for the driving license because if they try to apply for it without focusing on the eligibility criteria chances are they might face some trouble. The eligibility criterion is as follows:-

  • Make sure you have a valid learner license available. In the initial days, the learner license is issued, and at the time of permanent license, you need to have the valid one available.
  • A candidate must be at least 18 years of age. If you are less than 18 years, we will not be able to apply for it at all.
  • A candidate can apply for a permanent driving license within 180 days of the learner license and after 30 days. If you get late or early to apply for a driving license, then you need to reapply for it.
  • Traffic rules and regulations understanding is an important factor, and a candidate needs to understand all the rules and regulations. In case the issue of the license they violated the rules and regulations the need to pay the penalty.
  • When a candidate is applying for a commercial driving license, they must be at least 20 years old.

Documents required applying for a driving license in Uttar Pradesh:

When you are applying for a driving license, basic documents are also integral for it to carry. Here is a list of documents required. These are as follows:-

  • Educational certificate.
  • Attested a copy of the foot passport.
  • Caste certificate.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Aadhar card.
  • Lic policy bond.
  • Ration card.
  • Valid passport.
  • Certificate issued as the employer.
  • Application form 4.
  • Application form 5 in case you are applying for a commercial driving license.
  • 3 passport-size photograph.
  • Original learner license.

Driving licenses can be applied offline and online. Some people are ready to visit the nearby RTO and follow the traditional procedure, and some are not fond of doing it. In that case, people look out for online methods. When you are applying for a driving license through an online procedure, the steps are very simple to follow. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Steps to follow to apply for a driving license through an online portal:-

  1. Firstly you need to visit the official website of your state.
  2. On the official website, you will see the driving license form available print it out.
  3. After getting the form fill out all the details and submit the form to the local RTO.
  4. Some necessary documents are required, which we need to submit, check out and attach with the form.
  5. There will be a slot obtained for the driving test to check it out.
  6. After passing out the test, the license will be issued within three weeks.
  7. Form needs to submit and upload online as well.
  8. Now visit
  9. Now hit on the application for a new driving license.
  10. Click on the new driving license option.
  11. It will ask for required details, mention all of them, and submit all the documents.
  12. The application number will be given to you.
  13. Now a driving test will be scheduled for the license.
  14. Appear for the test on the given day.
  15. Pass out the test and your driving license will be received to you within few days.

For More information about Indian Driving license:

Note: It is a suggestion to you whenever you apply for the license, make sure to submit all the valid documents. In case any document appears to be invalid or does not match the other documents, the application for a driving license will be rejected. Therefore pay attention to it and then check out all the factors related to a driving license.

Here we have come to an end and discuss each and everything which is integral when you wish to apply for a driving license online. Follow these simple steps and be ready to get your driving license. If you are facing any problem, approach the nearby RTO or any professional who can help you to fill out the form seamlessly. You will find out some agents as well that will help you to fill it out and get the driving license easily.